Our Veterinarians


Dr. Lynne O’Neil

Veterinarian, Owner


Many of you may recognize Dr. O’Neil, from her 16 years of dedication to clients and patients at Townsend Veterinary Hospital. While it was a very difficult decision to leave TVH, she is excited to enter into a new phase in her life, building a new practice from the ground up with her daughter, Dr. Ally.

Dr. O'Neil graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. She has pursued additional training in ultrasound technology. Her special professional interests include greyhound medicine and surgery as well as feline infectious diseases. Her husband, Shawn, graduated with her from Cornell but continued his training at Colorado State University to become a veterinary pathologist and is now in research.

Dr. O'Neil lives in Bolton with her husband and a recently emptied nest. Her youngest child, Scott, is a third year medical student at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Her daughter, Allison, is now her new business partner and colleague. The eldest, Shawn Jr., completed his Masters degree in mechanical engineering and is currently employed by Boeing in Mulkilteo, WA. The family dotes on 2 cats and 8 grand-cats. In her spare time, Lynne enjoys art, travel, and helping several animal rescue groups.

Dr. Allison O’Neil

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Ally joined Townsend Veterinary Hospital in 2017 and quickly found that being an associate veterinarian was not going to be a long term option for her. She is excited to join her mother in making their shared vision a reality.

When the O’Neil family found itself in Missouri briefly for work, Dr. Ally was accepted into the rigorous 8-year veterinary program at the University of Missouri School of Veterinary Medicine, where she went on to complete her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She is happy to be back in New England and lives in Brookline, NH with her husband, James.

Dr. Ally has pursued additional training in exotic animal medicine as well as ultrasound training. She takes a special interest in feline medicine and behavior modification. She fawns over her own family of 4 cats, a bearded dragon, two corn snakes and tropical fish. In her spare time Allison loves arts of all kinds--drawing, painting, and pottery. She also enjoys horseback riding, fishing, gardening and travel.

Our Technicians


Ashley Hogan CVT

Ashley is a Certified Veterinary Technician who has worked with us for over 8 years. She dotes on two young daughters and her black cat named Snowball. She is a skilled leader and has been instrumental in getting us off the ground—especially technologically speaking! Ashley has completed her Fear Free Certification so you can take comfort in knowing that your furry family member will be treated with care and respect!


Alicia Cote CVT

Alicia is a small but mighty Certified Veterinary Technician who should not be underestimated! She has worked alongside us for 5 years. In her free time, she makes the BEST whoopie pies and is an avid outdoor enthusiast; she skies, golfs, hikes, and just generally enjoys the snow and outdoors. She is our dental queen and has become quite the expert with the dental x-ray machine—which is more an art than a science!


Sarah Brown VT

We have worked with Sarah for over 7 years and are thrilled to continue the trend! Sarah is our resident Crazy Cat Lady—a title she is proud off. Her four cats, Dougie, Lucic, Gloria, and Thornton, are well loved! For some reason, she has taken inventory under her wing, which is not a fun or easy endeavor, but certainly much needed and appreciated. She spends every chance that she gets down in Disney with her sister and parents (her favorite character is Baymax from Big Hero 6) and also works at Doe Orchard in Harvard part-time.


Nicole Galipeault VT

Nicole has worked alongside us since 2017.


Brina Caron CVT


Patricia Jones VT


Team Mascots



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