Our Services

CCVS offers complete one-stop care, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Read more about what we offer below.


Preventative care

Yearly or biannual exams are important for protecting your furry or scaly family member's wellness and longevity. The goal of these exams is to catch problems early by screening for serious diseases including lyme, heartworm, and kidney disease, in addition to discussing diet, flea & tick preventatives, and age-related changes. We also build vaccine protocols around you and your family's concerns, needs and risks. 

Diagnostic Services

CCVS is here for you on the good days as well as the bad. Our extensive in-house laboratory and experience allows us to perform a wide range of blood, urine and cytology tests during your exam. We are also equipped with top of the line digital radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound (for abdominal and heart examination), which can be performed same-day, if needed.


Our veterinarians have all undergone additional training in ultrasound diagnostics and offer our services for our own clients as well as other local veterinarians.

Dental Care

We are equipped with state of the art dental radiography and equipment. 

Exotic Animal Medicine

While we do not yet see most birds, we are excited to see rabbits, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, fish and chickens!


We offer a wide range of routine and advanced soft tissue surgeries including but certainly not limited to spay/neuter, mass removal, amputation, eyelid surgeries, splenectomies and foreign body removals.

Local Tumor Removal

There are a number of situations where we might not want to put a patient under anesthesia, whether it be due to safety concerns or cost. Luckily, both Dr. O’Neils are comfortable using local anesthetics to allow us to remove small skin tumors or repair small wounds without the need for general anesthesia.

Echocardiogram (echo)

Our doctors have undergone additional training in performing echocardiograms, or ultrasound examinations of the heart, which are then sent to cardiologists for evaluation. We offer these services for our clients as well as for local veterinarians.